Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Wedding - Chapter Ten

It was a beautiful Saturday Morning. And Matthew was preparing his proposal to Martha. He went and picked some beautiful wild flowers for her and laid them by where she was sleeping. The flowers touched her nose and awoke her. She smiled when she seen Matthew and the flowers. Morning Beautiful, said Matthew. Good Morning, replied Martha with a smile. You want to take a walk with me, asked, Matthew. Yes, said Martha. Matthew took Martha by the hand and they went out of the cabin for a walk. She asked him, Are you alright, Matthew, you seem nervous? Well, yes alittle,I guess, I am, answered Matthew. I want to ask you something. I know we have only known each other for a short time, but Martha, I want to tell you I love you. I know we don't have a lot of time together, but what time we do have left, I want to spend it with you. What I am trying to say, I mean ask you, Is Martha will you marry me? "I love you too, Matthew, and yes, I will marry you. Matthew hugs Martha and thanks God for his new bride to be. Martha tells Matthew, we got to go get Mary, my daughter, after we are married. We will, Martha, I promise you. 

They returned later to the cabin. When they walked in Matthew's dad sees the smiles on their faces and shouts "Looks like their is going to be a wedding," he laughs with excitement. He hugs Matthew and Martha. David and Tony are happy for them also. When the big day? asked Tony. Tomorrow said Matthew. Then we plan to go and get Mary. That is a good plan son, just be careful. How will we get there? said Martha. Well, It might be best to contact your parents and see if they can get her halfway and you to met them. We have enough spare gas for half the trip because if we use all the gas up then we can't get to where we need to go. Also, Martha sees what supplies you parents have. Ask them to come stay with us also if they need to, said Terry. 

Matthew drove Martha to town to call her parents. She told them everything and they were happy she was getting married. Her dad, said No Martha, don't come here we will come to you. We have are RV and can make the trip there and bring more supplies to you all. It's bad here, Martha. We have been hiding out ourselves with Mary. There is rioting in the streets, men with guns everywhere. It is terrible! We will try to be there in two days. If you can, wait, so we can be there for the wedding, said her dad, Thomas. I love you, Dad, and tell Mom also give them a hug and kiss for me. I will and we love you and everyone also, replied Thomas. 

Martha told Matthew everything that her dad had told her. He comforted her and told her that everything would be alright. "Martha, it will be nice to met your parents and especially Mary, he said. "Yes, I miss her so much." Then they drove back to the cabin and told Matthew's dad and his brothers everything. "Well, we will wait until they get here, if that is what you both want to do? asked Terry. Yes, replied both of them. Well, then we will plain for the wedding after they get here, said Terry. 

The day came that Martha's parents and daughter arrived. Mary came running to Martha and jumped in her arms. Martha was so excite to see her and her parents. They all went inside and talked about what was going on in the world. Terry was concerned with everything happening so fast. Thomas told Terry that the false prophet had come into the scene. Who is it?" asked Terry. "It is a man by the name of Lewis Ferr, said Thomas. "I knew it!" said Terry. Do you know him? asked Thomas. Yes, I use to Pastor the church he went to. And then he took over when I left. He tried to have Matthew killed and killed my wife. I am sorry to hear this, said Thomas. "Well it took us awhile to see that this was all happening, said Sara, Thomas' wife. Ferr is trying to get everyone to believe that this Palestine leader is god, and forcing many to worship him or die, said Thomas. It did all of us, said Terry. My little girl was born after I had left my wife and when I met her several years later, she and my wife both had the mark, said Terry. Terry began to cry and the room was going silent. 

The next day Matthew and Martha was married. Martha had wild flowers in her hair, and so did Mary. It was a beautiful wedding. Martha was happy that her parents and daughter was there was to see her get married. This was the happiest day of her and Matthew's life. Little Mary liked her new daddy and took up to Matthew real quick. He thought she was the most beautiful child a man could have. He felt very blessed to have Martha and Mary in his life. Thomas brought his guitar and played at the Wedding Reception and they all danced and celebrated the whole day, giving praises unto the Lord.