Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Visitation - Chapter Six

Terry is excited to see his wife and daughter. He wondered if his sons will be with her. He waits for the clock to strike four and they will come and bring him to the visitation room. Finally, after many hours of waiting they come for him. He is shaven clean, and his hair is cut short. He is wearing a green county jumpsuit. He still looks rough from living as a homeless man. He enters in the room and sees his wife and little girl at a table. 

He walks over to her and kisses her and his little girl. Marie begins to cry. He holds her. They set down and hold each other hand. Terry asks her, Marie, Where are the boys?" She begins to cry. What happen to them, Marie? "Oh, Terry, Matthew went to College when I was having Teresa, I have not seen him since. Then when I got home the boys were missing." What do you mean, Marie?"said Terry. "Somebody took the boys or they ran off. "I have not seen any of the boys since I came home from the hospital." Terry begins to cry. "This is all my fault, Marie, all my fault" No, Terry, it is not your fault. 

Terry places his hands over his face and then he reaches down to hold Marie's hand and sees the mark. "Marie, what is this Mark?" What have you done? he runs and looks at Teresa right hand and she is marked also. God No!, Terry Screams. "What is wrong, Terry," asked Marie" "You and Teresa have taken the Mark of the Beast"cried Terry. "No! We haven't, Terry." "Yes, you have!" "Marie in disbelief cries out for the officers to open the door." She grabs Teresa in her arms. Terry screams out 'Read Revelation Chapter 14 verses 16 & 17, Marie. 

She runs out of the waiting room holding Teresa tightly. She runs down the stairs and gets into her car. She places Teresa in her seat belt. She then sees her bible laying on the dashboard and remembers what Terry's last words to her were "Read Revelation Chapter 14 verse 16 & 17. She opens up her bible and read the passage and then realizes Terry was right all along, "We are going through the great tribulation. We are in it now" says Marie to herself. She weeps for her daughter that she was deceived and took the mark and allowed them to give it unto her daughter. 

Marie drives for hours while Teresa sleeps. She wonder why she did not know. She wondered who is the Antichrist? She begin to think back on her life and what all had happened. Then it dawns on her that Ferr was always in the middle of it all and even encouraged her to take the mark. Is Ferr the Antichrist or is he the false Prophet, she thought? Who else in the church knows? I've got to warn people. He will have me killed if he knew, I knew this.

She stopped and got a motel room for her and Teresa. She calls room service to order some food. She studies the Word and tried hard to remember even the scriptures Terry told her about way back then. She was scared and frighten. And knew she was forever lost now. She cried herself to sleep. 

Marie rose up early and took Teresa to breakfast at the Cafe in the Motel. Marie let Teresa order her favorite breakfast food, pancakes. She asked Teresa to wait right here while she goes and starts the car to warm it up a bit. The waitress says she would keep an eye on Teresa for her. Marie opens her car door and climbs in. She gets her keys out of her purse and puts them in the ignition. The car explodes as soon as she turns the key. 

Terry's attorney goes to his cell and says "Terry, I got some bad news for you." Terry looks with concern at his attorney. Are they finding me guilty? says, Terry. "I don't know," replied his lawyer. "This is about your wife, Terry, she was at a Motel and went to start her car and it blew up. I am sorry, Terry. Terry fell down on his bunk and cried. "Where is my daughter? Is she dead also?" "No, she was sitting in the Cafe eating breakfast. And then Pastor Ferr was called. He flew down here to picked her up and took her home with him on the plane." 

"My wife is dead, my sons are missing, my daughter has the Mark of the beast, and I am on trial for murder, What more do I have to endure, Lord?" "What are you talking about, Terry?" Terry refuses to answer his lawyer.