Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Verdict - Chapter Eight

The jury has come to decision and Terry was brought up to the courtroom. he still looked for his wife's face still in the crowd. He could not believe she was dead. The Judge called the court to order. He spoke to Terry and told him the court had sympathy for his lost of his wife and his missing children. Terry never said a word. The judge then looked at the jury have you reached a verdict. Yes, we have, your honor. Mr. Davis will you arise while the jury reads your verdict. Terry and his lawyer stood up. Jury read your verdict. "We the jury find the defiant, Terry Davis not guilty." Terry fell down in his seat. The Judge said, You are to release Terry Davis, he is free to go. 

Terry got all his things which was not much. But was everything to him. It was his bible. And put on his rags and left the court house a free man. The media were outside the courthouse with their cameras asking him questions. He did not say a word. 

He then saw Mat's mother standing outside. He walked over to her and said "Mrs. Tucker, I am truly sorry about your son. He was my friend. And I want you to know something to bring you comfort. Your son accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, that morning I saw him, and he was baptized. Your son is at rest until the coming of Jesus Christ." She grabbed Terry and hugged him and said thank you for those kind words. I know I did not allow you to come to our home and eat, but I would like to have you eat with me now." Terry accepted her offer. 

They went to her house for dinner. She introduced him to her daughter Mary. They talked about many thing, mostly about Jesus. Terry, looked at her and asked her what is your first name?" Martha is my first name. He said you know there is a Mary and Martha in the bible who were sisters. I did not know that, she replied. 

"Do you know Jesus, Martha?" asked Terry. "No, I don't, but I would like to know him, she replied. That is the same thing your son said to me. She smiled but also her eyes teared up. You know Martha you can repent of your sins, be baptized, tonight. Yes, I want to accept him like Mat did. She repented and Pastor Terry baptized her in the name of Jesus Christ and laid his hands upon her and she received the Holy Ghost. 

The next morning Terry got up from Martha's couch and went walked down the street of New Orleans towards the highway. He was heading back to his home town. He wanted to find his sons. And see if they had the mark also. He had to know if any of his family was still a believer. He had gotten about five miles down the Highway when Martha came pulling up. Terry, she said, let me give you a ride back home. I am off work because of Mat's death and I would like to take you there. Terry agreed and climbed in her car. 

They talked for hours about Jesus and Terry read the bible to her while she drove. He told her Martha, "I don't know what I am getting into when I get there. My wife was murdered, my sons are missing, and my daughter has the mark of the beast." I don't want anything to happen to you. I understand that, she replied. But if what you are saying is true and I believe it is. Then I need to also get busy working for the Lord and tell others who the Antichrist is. "Well, we don't know who it is yet, but I have a good ideal,"said Terry. 

I know we can't go to where we use to live because they killed my wife and they know I am free, and will be looking for me, as well. Well, we will have to be careful, replied Martha. "Yes, very careful. We need to go to Colorado", said Terry. Colorado? replied Martha."Yes, I have supplies there. And I don't know how far we have gotten into this thing, but I need a radio also, to keep up with the news." Well, I know that we are in war all over the world, and there has been many earthquakes and death and hate is rising," said Martha. "Well, Jesus spoke about that in the Bible!"replied Terry. Terry asked, "Martha have you heard anything about Jerusalem?". "They are in a terrible battle Jerusalem and the Palentines are. Terrorism is really bad over there. Iraq and America has been in war for quite awhile now. Earthquakes have been happening everywhere. Oh, and gays are being allowed to get married in America now." 

What?" says, Terry, We are further along then I thought we were. What do you mean? asked Martha. I will explain, replied Terry. In Matthew Chapter 24 Jesus told His disciples of things that would come. They wanted to know when was Jesus coming and what were signs of the end of the world. Jesus told them the signs. He said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, famines, & earthquakes. But also in another place of the Bible, Jesus said, they would be drinking, marrying, and giving into marriage. As in the days of Noah and Lot. 

See Martha, in the days of Noah and Lot sin was raging throughout the land, the world, as we are seeing now, as you have described. Homosexuality is why the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The things you have just told me is prophesied throughout the Bible. The Antichrist and False Prophet must be on the scene because the mark of the beast is here.

Wow, Terry, I don't know what to say. I did not know all these things were in the Bible. I know a little about the Bible but not all that, she said. Has there been a seven year peace treaty signed with Israel and someone else? he asked. Well I know that the new Palestinian Leader signed one with them. What? asked Terry, there is a new Palestinian Leader? Yes, replied Martha. Arafat died and the new leader was voted in. Many are looking up to him for peace as if he was a god or something. He is not like the other leaders we have had. I can't believe all this is happening so fast, said Terry. I wonder where Ferr ties into all of this, or is he just demon possessed. I guess we will find out soon enough.

We have got to get to Colorado and see if my sons are there, said Terry. Why, would they be there? asked Martha. Well, I left them a tape years ago and told them to go to there. I did not give the location in the tape because I have told Matthew enough times about it and he should know. I did not know you had a son name Matthew also? said Martha. Yes, Martha, he is in his twenties now, they are all , i guess now. The other two boys names are David and Anthony, but we call him, Tony. The memories of their children brought tears and silence between them.