Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Trial - Chapter Four

The courtroom is full of Reporters. Terry is brought in with shackles on his hands and feet. He sees the jury mostly people he has preached to on the streets. His lawyer rises and calls the first witness to the stand " I call Robert Whitney to the stand. The elderly man rises and goes to the witness seat. He is sworn in and takes his seat. Mr. Whitney you stated you saw Matthew and my client together the morning that he was last seen, is this correct? Yes, it is. What were they doing? They were talking and drinking something. Did Matthew seem afraid or scared. No, he did not. Was he nude? No he was not. What was he wearing? He was wrapped in a old blanket. Did you see Mr. Davis, hit Matthew, or strike him in any way? No, I did not. So, to your acknowledgment Matthew was in no danger by being with my client? No, he did not seem to be. Had you ever seen my client, hurt anyone, or be rude, violent, or anything? No, I have not. He was always very polite, preached on the streets, and was a quiet man when he was not preaching. He never seemed to bothered no one. Mr. Whitney, may I ask why you contacted the police and told them about seeing Matthew with Mr. Davis? Well because I had heard what had happen and I had seen the boy the day he came up missing, and I thought it was my duty to tell them. Did you see the boy's clothes hanging on a tree? Yes, they were drying because they were wet. Well how do you know if they were wet or not? Well, I saw Mr. Davis and the boy get into the water together. What did they do? It looked like he was baptizing the boy. You had to be pretty close to see all of this? Yes, I was watching them. Why, were you watching them? Well it is my land, you know? No, I did not know it was your land, but thank you for telling us. We're you upset with Mr. Davis for being on your land? Well, I did not like it. Well, why did not you tell him to get off your land or call the police? I don't know. What do you mean you do not know? Well, everyone said he was crazy, so I did not tell him to leave. Isn't it true you have threatened children for being on your land, including Matthew? No! It is not true, how dare you to say such a thing to me! Your under oath, Mr. Whitney? I might of, I guess. Yes or No, Mr. Whitney? Yes! I did. Thank you, Mr. Whitney. 

I would like to call my next witness. I call Mrs. Marie Davis. Terry's eyes immediately looked around the court room and then he saw her stand up and go to the witness stand. Please tell the court who you are? I am Marie Davis, Terry Davis' wife. How long have you been married to Terry. Almost 22 years. Are you two divorced? No, we are still married. Do you live together? No, I live up North. How long has it been since you seen your husband? About six or seven years. Do you two have children? Yes, we have four. Why did you and Terry separate? We had a disagreement with the church and one another. And he left. Why? Did he leave you and the kids? Because the church would of took our house, cars, and everything we had because my husband would of been removed from being their Pastor because he believed different then they do. So, Terry left so the kids and I would not go without. And he feels he was led by God to do as he has been for the past several years. Are you angry with him for doing this? At times, but mostly at myself for not listening to him that day. You have not seen your husband at all until right now in this courtroom? That is correct. Why are you here now? Because I just found out where he was and I know he is not capable of being a murder of anyone, and differently not a child. Thank you, Mrs. Davis. 

Prosecuting Attorney arises: Mrs. Davis you want us to believe that a man who would walk out on his family is not capable of killing someone? That is exactly what I am saying. You really think this was right for him to do is to leave you all? Well no, but I know he would only leave us for God. Only if he knew it was the right thing to do at the time. Thank you, Mrs. Davis, no more further questions. Terry watches Marie she goes and sits down behind him. She reaches up and touches his shoulder. 

I call Mrs Tucker to the stand. She arises and sits down in the witness seat. Mrs. Tucker, I know this is hard for you to speak about but I need to ask you some questions about your son and Mr. Davis. What do you know about Mr. Davis? I only know what my son told me? And what is that? That Mr. Davis was a nice man. Did you know your son was going to see Mr. Davis? Yes, and I got unto him for it Why? Because he was a stranger and what everyone else was saying about him. What was others saying? That he was a crazy lunatic. Do you think he killed your son? I don't know if he did. Prosecution Rests! Mr. Davis attorney says, "I will be brief, Mrs. Tucker. OK, she replied. Did your son bring food to Mr. Davis? Yes, he did. He wanted to invite him to dinner at the house. What did you say? I said No, because he was a stranger. Are you a religious person, Mrs. Tucker? No, I am not. Do you go to church? No, I do not. Why? I don't have time with working trying to support two, I mean, one child, she cries. Thank you, Mrs. Tucker.

We have no further witnesses. Both sides rest. Judge Martin says, the jury will return to the chambers and decide on a verdict. This case is not to be discussed outside that room. You must find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You are free to leave, Court is Adjured! 

Terry's attorney leans over and tells him, he has set up a visitation with his wife Marie and his daughter Teresa for two hours this afternoon. Terry thanks him and tears roll down his face. He looks at Marie and she is weeping also. He says to her, I love you, Marie. I love you also, Terry. They take Terry to his cell and he weeps and prays to God.