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The Message - Chapter Seven

Matthew and his brothers had been driving for hours. His brother is asking him alot of questions. Matthew tells them, "We got to hide out from Ferr". "What do you mean? said Tony" I will explain it all to you as soon as I can find us a place to stay. I got some money and we will go up into the mountains and hide out until I can figure out what to do. The boys trusted their brother and stop asking him questions. He drove all through the night.

The next morning he told his brothers to get him some firewood like they use to when Dad would take us camping. The boys went out looking for wood. Matthew got on his knees and prayed for direction and protection. Then he begin to unload the camper on the truck. His dad kept all kinds of stuff in the trunk and no one had touched it since dad left. He climb up into the camper and got out all the old camping gear. When he was unloading the trunk, he found a tape recorder. it said on it "A Message to my Boys." 

Mathew waited for his brother to return and showed them the tape. Matthew looked always after the boys after their dad left and kept them under his wing. They were always real close growing up. Matthew put the tape in and they sat down at the picnic table to listen to what their dad had to say. 

My sons, I know I am not here with you at this time, but I want you to know I love you. I am not angry at your mother. I just knew she was right that the church would take everything, and I did not want to see her or you go without. I told the church that we are going to go through the tribulation. And sons we will. Maybe you are seeing this now. I want to tell you to go far up into the mountains when you see the Antichrist rise. You know the spot, Matthew, Remember what I talked to you about if your ever in trouble or lost. If I am alive I will met you there one day. I pray that your mother and you boys are altogether and have stayed faithful unto the Lord and not taken the Antichrist's Mark. I love you all and will miss you while I am gone. If I don't see you at our meeting place, I will see you when the Lord comes. Stay strong in the Lord, and keep your eyes on Jesus. The tape clicks off and the boys are crying for they miss there dad. 

Matthew speaks up an says '"What Dad said is true, I read it myself in the Bible. I went to see Mom and she told me her and Teresa were getting a device in their right hand. This was before I knew about this. By the time I found out and went to the hospital it was too late. They had already receive the mark of the Beast. "Ferr encourage Mom to do so, and wanted us to receive it also. They lied to her and told her it was so that you would not get kidnapped. He already has the mark and so do several others.

We are going to go where dad said and wait until we hear from him unless the Lord tells us to do something else." The brothers both sadden agreed with Matthew. Matthew loaded up the truck and they headed for Colorado Mountains. There was good hiding places up there with fresh water. 

They traveled for days and finally reached the old cabin that Dad spoke about to them. They unloaded the trunk, built a fire, and slept for almost two days. Their dad had all kinds of supplies there. David said "Dad must of brought all this here when he left. "Yes, replied Tony, he was preparing a place for us to meet at. There was all kinds of can foods and traps, and fishing poles. "I wonder how he got it all up here? asked David. " I don't know, said Matthew. They stayed out of sight most of the time. 

Matthew still was protective over his brothers. His brothers started to believe their dad was never going to show up or maybe he was dead. Matthew encouraged them to continue to trust God. Matthew believed his dad would show up one day.