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The Mark - Chapter Three

After Terry left Marie and the children, Marie found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl and named her Teresa Dawn. Now she was a mother with four children to raise on her own. While she was in the hospital the doctor came into her room and talked her about her new baby girl. He told her that the hospital and government wanted her and her new baby to have security. And that Scientist had developed this new device to protect a mother and her new born baby from kidnappers. They wanted her baby to be safe and her to have peace that her baby would be safe. "What is this new device," she asked. "It is a small micro-chip that is placed in your baby right hand and also in yours no bigger than a grain of salt," he said. "Well, how is the procedure done?" she asked. "It will be done by numbing your right hand and we insert it with a needle, it is painless procedure," he said. "Well, Can I think about it, first? she asked. Yes, sure you can, now you get some rest and I will see you tomorrow." Marie was thinking about what the Doctor had said. It weighed heavy on her mind. She decided to call up Pastor Ferr and ask him to come and see her. And he agreed. 

Later on, that evening he came to the hospital and brought a member of the church with him. "Hello Marie, you are looking wonderful, today." Hello, Pastor, I am glad you came to see me. "Is something wrong with the baby? You look concerned?" "No, she is fine healthy baby girl." "Wonderful, Wonderful, Praise God!" he said. "What I wanted to ask you about was this device they are wanting to put in the baby and in me for her protection. The Doctor said it would protect my baby from kidnappers. Do I need to be concerned about it? Is it a good ideal?" Well, Marie, we are living in a sinful world, and we got alot of sick people out there. I don't see why it would hurt anything. I do know many members of the church had the procedure done on themselves and all their children. It is pretty popular, and the ratings of child kidnapping as drop a great deal." "I did not know anyone had done this before. I had never heard of this, Pastor. "Actually, almost all of our church has done it. it is really up to you Marie, but I would recommend it for the safety of all your children," he smiled. "I did not know it was so popular these days?" she pondered. "Could you have a member who has done this before come and see me, so, I can see what it looks like?" she asked. "No need to, Marie, I have had it done, myself. see it is only a very small mark under the skin. You cannot really notice it unless you're looking for it." he replied. "Why did you get it done, Pastor?" she asked. "Because I was in the war, it is mandatory for all soldiers to get it." Oh, I did not know that I don't watch much news," she said. "Most women don't," he replied. "Marie, it is really up to you, but they are going to make it mandatory for the world soon, anyways. You might as well get it done now while your here in the hospital, then set up appointments to get the rest of the kids done. And also, at this time your medical coverage is paying for it, in the future they might not be. This device keeps tract of all your records, such as social security, medical records, dental, bank accounts, everything you need right in the palm of your hand, sort to speak, he laughs. "I am sure glad I called you and you told me all this. It helps me to more understand the benefits of having this device. Terry usually helped me make these types of decisions," she said. "I know Marie, and I am sorry your hurting, but I also know you got four children to think about here and what is best for them, he replied. "Well, I will let the doctor know tomorrow that we want the procedure done." Great, Marie, Great! We will pray with you and then we got to go see some others in the hospital." Thank you, Pastor, she said with relief. Marie fell asleep and rested since she was comforted by the Pastor's words.

And was later awakened by her son, Matthew leaning over to kiss her, he said, "Hi, mom, how you and my little sister doing?" "Oh, we are fine." "We both got a small simple surgery to do tomorrow or the next day." What kind of surgery, Mom? "Well it is a device that will be placed in our hands to protect your, sister, from kidnappers I talked with Pastor Ferr and he said many at the church had it done, included himself. He thinks I ought to have all of you kids done," Matthew laughs, Well, Mom, I am almost nineteen now and heading for Bible College. I don't think anyone would want to kidnap me." Well, I know that son," she laughs. It is for other purposes also, you talk to the pastor about it. He knows more about it then I do." OK, Mom, I will. You know with all these wars going on I just might become a Chaplain in the Army, Mom." Oh, son, is that what the Lord wants you to do?" I don't know but I am praying about it. "Good," she replied. Well, I am going to let you get some rest, I will call you later on, I love you, Mom. I love you, too, son. 

Matthew on his way home ran into Pastor Ferr at the hospital. They had become closer since his dad left. Matthew said, hey Pastor, how you doing? Oh, hi there Matthew, you been to see you, Mother? Yes, I was just in there. Good, son, Good. She got her hands full and you need to help her all you can. Yes, I will, Pastor. She wanted me to ask you about this surgery her and my sister will be having in a few days? Oh, I thought she was doing it. I think she is, but she wants me to get it done also. Yes, I told her all you kids should do it. Well I hate needles. Well, it will not hurt. I had it done and did not feel a thing. Well, I will pray about it and see what God says for me to do. You do that, Matthew, your a fine young man. I know your mother is very proud of you. Yes, and I am her also. It has been hard without Dad, I hear her cry a lot for him and I do also, Pastor. I know, Matthew in time God will heal all your broken hearts. You just keep praying and mind your mother. I will, Pastor, I will. I know you will Matthew. Take care. You too, Pastor.