Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Invasion - Chapter Eleven

The next morning while everyone was still asleep. Sara awoke and started preparing breakfast for everyone. She was in the kitchen humming a song when she heard a noise outside. She looked out the window but did not see anything. She went to the front door and opened it. There were men outside dressed in black with weapons. They rushed her and threw her to the floor. 

They gathered everyone together and made them all lie on the floor. Matthew reached over and held Martha's hand. I love you, he whispered. I love you too, she responded. The commander came in and said "take all the men to the prison camp". What do we do with the women? one asked. Kill them! said the Commander. 

Matthew wrapped his arms around Martha and begged for her life. One soldier hit him with his weapon and knocking Matthew unconscious. Thomas arose to his feet trying to protect his family. The soldiers opened fire on him and killed him. They picked up Matthew off the floor and put him in a white van and chained his feet and hands. He was still unconscious. 

"Please don't kill my little girl, Martha begged.It's too late, one said. Martha began to weep. They loaded up Terry into another van. Then as the vans drove away all you could here was blasts from the soldiers weapons. 

Terry wept as he thought of his sons, Martha, her daughter, and her parents all dead. Where is Matthew? he wondered. Why did they not kill us also? he thought. Where are they taking us? They brought them to a ship and loaded them up with the cargo below.

Terry looked for Matthew but did not find him. He saw so many men aboard the ship below where he was. Does anyone know where we are headed? he asked. One man said, I heard them say Jerusalem. Why, Jerusalem? asked Terry. To be brought before their new king and to be tried for being Christians, the man answered. 

"I have heard also there are two men there preaching in the streets of Jerusalem. When did this start? asked Terry. About a a year or so ago. Do you know their names? Some say it is Elijah and Moses others are saying it is two angels of the Lord, said the man. "You're speaking about the Two Witnesses, aren't you?" asked Terry. Yes, I am, said the man. 

Terry laid back and thought about what the man had told him. He asked the Lord to bring his word to his remembrance for he did not have his bible with him. As he tried to ponder on God's Word, he could hear men moaning from being in pain both physically and emotionally. Immediately Terry focus was taken off himself as he heard the brethren in such sorrow. Terry stood up in the midst of them. And he began to sing unto the Lord, "Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I am found, I was blind, but now I see" The men began to sing with Terry and arose to their feet. They helped hold one another up and sung every Christian song that came unto their hearts, to give glory unto their Lord God. As tears of joy filled their hearts, peace came unto their souls. They did not think about their pain, they did not think about their families, they did not think about their hunger, in one accord their thoughts was upon the goodness of the Lord. 

They could not tell if it was day or night in the bottom of the ship. They knew it was for days, maybe weeks. But they continued to Praise the Lord and some preached unto them. To give them hope and encourage them. Terry encouraged them to take turns edifying and praying for one another. That Jesus was the only way they will make it through all of this and endure until the end. 

Finally the ship came to the docks. And they had arrived in Jerusalem. The army gathered all the men up and they were all chained in a line together. As they were departing from the ship, crowds of people were there screaming at them. There were holding up images of new king, the Antichrist and of Ferr, the false prophet. There was an image of the king made of gold, silver, brass, clay and iron in the midst of the city. There were people of all races, kindred, and tongues there. They were laying gifts before it and sacrifices animals to it. Terry could not believe all he was seeing. 

The crowd shoved them, hit them with sticks, knocking several of them to the ground. They were spit on and kicked. Some never made it to where they were going. Their bodies were thrown into a pile that was on fire. Terry looked at everything he could. It was hard on his eyes because he had been in darkness below the ship for so long. 

And then he saw two men in sackcloth. They spoke with such power, like fire in their words as they preached. Everyone seem to be afraid of them and they were hated. Terry was praising God for their preaching the Word. One of the men turned and looked at Terry and the men chained with him and said, "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them!." The men said "Amen!" 

They were placed inside the dungeon of the newly rebuilt Temple. There were rats everywhere and it smelled horrible, like unto death. Then were many Christians in the dungeon. Terry silently prayed for God to help them all to face death for their belief.

He then saw an man in the corner who had been beaten. Terry went over to help him. When Terry lifted up the man's head, he realized it was his son, Matthew. And he saw that his tongue had been cut out. Terry wept while he tore off his shirt and used it to soak up the blood and bandage Matthew's injuries. And laid him upon his lap and prayed over him. 

Many were dead in the dungeon. Some men would move the bodies of the dead away from the living. The smell was unbearable to stomach. There was not much light in the dungeon. Once in awhile they were given bread and a swallow of water. The more stronger men were taken out of the dungeon to work for the king. Some returned and some were never heard of again. Terry wondered what happened to all the women and children. He had not seen any since he had been there. He did not know how long he had been there.