Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Deception - Chapter Five

Marie awakes from her surgery. She asks how is my baby doing? The nurse says Oh! she is fine. Did the surgery go well for her also? Yes, it did. She looked down at her right hand and it was covered with bandages. You rest now, said the nurse, we will bring the baby to you later today. OK, said Marie. She laid their thinking about Terry and praying he could of been here. She begins to cry and fell asleep. 

In the waiting room there was Pastor Ferr and some of the church members. The doctor comes out and tells them that Marie and the baby were just fine. At the moment Matthew comes crashing through the doors very upset. He asks "Did my mother and sister get the mark?" Why you so upset, Matthew? What is wrong?" asked Pastor Ferr. You know what is wrong, Pastor, My dad was right!" Matthew calm down, why you so upset for son? "Don't call me son! I am not your son, my dad was right!" What you carrying on about, Matthew? asked Ferr. That device is the Mark of the Beast! says, Matthew. Your crazy, Matthew! said Ferr. "We will not be here to see this I have told you this before." I found my dad's notes in his study and read them and looked up the Scriptures in the bible and he was right. We will go through the Tribulation!" screamed Matthew. " And you are a deceiver, a liar, and have tricked my mother to take the mark and my sister also, you devil!" Matthew, you have lost your mind, like father, like son. Now stop this nonsense! and go sit down. "I will not sit down! Take him, away and bring him to my office at the church and don't let him leave until I say so." The men there grabbed Matthew and took him as the Pastor had instructed them to do. 

Matthew was forcibly taken and shoved into the church van. He struggled but they held him down. They brought him to the church. A few minutes later Pastor Ferr showed up. He walked into his office. You know, Matthew, I really had great plains for you in this church until you got crazy on me like your dad did. Don't you know who I am and what I can do unto you? "Yes, your the devil, the Antichrist!" Pastor Ferr laughs. "And when I get away from you I will tell everyone who and what you are!" You will never be able to tell anyone anything. I will tell you mother you went off to college, than to war, and she will never hear from you again. Mom will not believe you! Oh but she will because she now belongs to me. She has my mark. You will have to kill me to keep me silent! That is what I plain to do, Matthew. The Pastor made some phone calls. Matthew could not hear what he was saying. He then hung up the phone. The men came to the church and went into the secret chambers. Matthew could hear them talking. He heard Ferr say, "Kill the boy!"

Matthew was frightened and prayed to God to give him strength to die for his belief in Jesus. He thought of his family. And wept for his mother and baby sister. He thought of his dad. Oh, God help me! Matthew is alone in the office. He thinks of ways to escape the locked door. He picks up his chair and breaks out the window glass and jumps out the window. He goes to his' house where two brothers are. He tells them to come with him now. "What is wrong? " they ask. I will tell you in the truck. Get in the truck now! The boys run to the truck. Matthew runs inside and grabs some cash and the truck keys. And runs and gets into the truck and drives off.

Back at the hospital Marie was awakened by Ferr. "How are you doing, Marie?" I am alright, real tired though. How is my baby? She is doing great. I just saw her." Oh, can you ask them to bring her in? she asked. Yes, but I wanted to talk to you about Matthew. He went off to college. "What do you mean? she asked. Well he decided to go ahead and go, there was an opening, and I told him I would tell you. Oh, I wished he would of come and seen me, before he left, she said. Oh, he did and you were sleeping, Marie, I took him to the airport and got him on the plane, myself. I made sure he had plenty of money. And if he needs anything I will help him out. Oh, well thank you, Pastor Ferr, you have been so good to us, she replied. It is not a problem, this is what Christians are to do. "Well, the doctor said you can go home tomorrow. Do you want some us to come and help you from the church? Yes, that would be nice. I will have some of the women go over and check on the boys and take care of things at home and get it already for you. Thank you, Pastor. Not a problem, you rest now.

Marie and Teresa was released from the hospital and was driven home by Sherry, a friend from church. When she got home she asked where are the boys at? Well, we have not seen them Marie? What do you mean you have not seen them? We thought they were with your parents or Terry's parents., said Sherry. "No, I left them her with Matthew, but he went to college and I thought someone from the church was with them. Or they were here with you. I have not seen them at all since you went to the hospital. Marie runs to the phone and calls the police. And reports her children missing. Pastor Ferr came to the house to comfort Marie. "They will find them, Marie, said Ferr. "My husband leaves me, Matthew is gone, and my two other children are missing, what more do I have to take? she cries" Now, now Marie, it i will be alright. Sherry gave Marie some sleeping pills to help her to relax and puts her to bed. Sherry shuts the bedroom door and turns out the light. She then looks in on the baby. She goes to the kitchen to help the women prepare some food and drinks for the officers outside. When she passes by the living room door she overhears the men talking. One of the Elders asks Ferr," Do you think she knows anything? "She does not have a clue, answered Ferr.