Copyright ©2002 Ren Baer

The Awakening - Chapter One 

It was in the middle of the night and Pastor Terry Davis was studying the Word of God trying to get ready for his Sunday morning sermon. He was reading Matthew Chapter 24. Pastor Davis had always believed that Jesus comes before the Tribulation. As well as his parents and grandparents. He came from a long line of this belief and he never questioned it. Although he studies the scriptures daily. But for some reason this night was different. The words of the Lord just jump out from the pages of his bible. He read them over and over again. And thought "this can't be." I have taught that you come before the tribulation, Jesus? Why have I never seen this? Why did I not know. He read the scriptures over and over again. He began to look up other scriptures such as John 17:15, Mark 13:24-27, 2 Thess. 2:1-17, Rev. Ch. 7, and scriptures went on and on. He begin to weep and cried out to God, "Forgive me, Lord, I have believed a lie and have preached a lie all these years." Lord, what am I to do tomorrow?" What will the people say? What will my family think?" Oh,God, Help Me,"he cried out. 

Sunday Morning drew near and Pastor Davis was still in his study. His wife Marie knocked on the door and said "Breakfast is ready, honey." He replied, " I will be right there, dear." He went to the table and sat down with his three children. His eyes was red from crying and being up all night. His son Matthew said " Another long night, huh, dad?" Yes, son, replied, the pastor. There was much silent at the table that morning. 

They all loaded up into the family car to go to church. Pastor Davis was holding back the tears as he drove to church. It was a beautiful Sunday Morning in June. The Praise and Worship Service was beautiful. 

Pastor Davis stood up behind the pulpit. With his voice trembling he began to speak, "I was studying scripture all night last night, and I was planning to give you all a sermon on Truth, but to my surprise the truth was revealed unto me. I am not an end time preacher nor do I study it much until last night. I was reading Matthew 24 and God revealed truth to me and it caused me to weep bitterly because I have believed a lie and worse yet I have preached lies unto you all." 

The members were very silent not knowing what the Pastor would say next. He continued, "I know what I am about to say may split the church, or even make some of you anger and even want to fire me. But I have to take that chance because I have a greater fear of God than what others may do unto me" By this time the congregation was shocked by what he was saying. 

Pastor Davis had been their pastor for over for many years. He was a loving, caring, and kind man. He helped out so many. He always listened to others, visited ones in prison and in hospitals. He never had a harsh word to say towards anyone and was always well liked by the community. 

He continued with a deep hard swallow, "Brothers and Sisters, I discovered that Jesus Christ is returning after the Tribulation and not before." The congregation began to murmur amongst themself. One Deacon stood up and said, "Pastor, Do you know what you are saying?" He replied, "Yes, I do! I am saying I have believed a lie and so have you all these years. And we have been deceived by Satan, himself." Another member stands to his feet, "Are you ill, pastor? I can't believe you are saying such things without even atleast discussing it with the Deacons first? Pastor, you should of not brought this before the congregation until you did to us, privately, and then we would look at the scriptures together and see if what your saying is true." 

Brethren, said the pastor, I have studied them. I was up all night. Let's study them right now, together." No! said Brother Ferr from the back. " We can not teach such things in this church, do you know what others will say or think of us?" Pastor Davis said, "Do you know what Jesus will do and think if we don't teach His Truth? Jesus is the one who said it! read it for yourself, it's Matt. 24:29-31 and in Mark 13:24-27. Paul said it in 2 Thess. 2:1-12. John says it in Rev. Ch. 7. It is there, we can not ignore it or say it is not true." 

Brother Ferr still standing says, "Enough of this Nonsense!" "Pastor Davis, you either can drop this foolishness or leave the pulpit and another will come up there and preach." Pastor Davis with tears in his eyes replied, " This is the truth, rather you accept it or not. Rather you believe it or not we are going through the tribulations. I cannot stand up here as a man of God and tell you what you want to hear. When I know all my heart it is a lie. May the Lord forgive us all." He then stepped down from the pulpit, his wife, and his children left the church.

During the next few weeks Pastor Davis spent days and nights in his study praying and searching the scriptures. His eyes began to open more as well as his heart. His wife, Marie did not say much to what took place a few weeks before. She was a very quiet woman. She prayed for God to help her husband with all of this. 

Marie came to the study door and knocked on it. Pastor Davis said, "Come in." She came in and shut the door behind her. She asked. "Are you alright?" He replied, yes, "I am fine." She then said to him, "Honey, I am really trying to understand all of this. I want to see what you are seeing, but I don't see it. I don't know what or who to believe. And I don't know how to answer the questions the children have about what happened at church. We have always known that our son, Matthew has been called to be a pastor. But now he does not know if he wants to be." Pastor Davis listens to his wife's concerns. He then says to her, "Marie, I have always wanted what was best for the children and for you. I have always tried to help others in need before myself or my family. God will work this all out if we just trust in Him." Marie being frustrated replies, "Terry, did you ever think that it was Satan, trying to deceive you and bring division amongst the brethren? Look what has happened, our family is torn apart, the children have lost all their friends, we have also, and you will never be able to preach in this town again." Please, Terry, go to the deacons and apologize before the church and tell them you were mistaken, that you were wrong! "Marie, I cannot do that and will not!" We will be on the streets, the church own our house, cars, bank account, everything!" Terry replied, Let them take it all and persecute us for speaking the truth." Marie replied, Terry, I will not let the children and I lose everything. We are going back to that church tomorrow with or without you." Marie. please listen to me." Marie leaves the study and slams the door behind her. 

That following Sunday Morning Marie and her children return to church without her husband, Terry. Many were surprised to see her there and welcomed her back also. Brethren Ferr became the new pastor of the church. He came and greeted her, Welcome Marie, I am glad you have returned. We have been praying for all of you. "Thank you, Pastor Ferr" says Marie with tears in her eyes. Then she says, "I have tried to talk to Terry but he will not listen to me." Well, Marie, you know how Satan likes to get the good ones." Marie, we will help you and the kids all we can, but we cannot help Terry until he repents. Pastor Ferr walks Marie and her children to their seats. 

After church was over Marie walked up to Pastor Ferr and says, "Thank you for the sermon, we sure enjoyed it, it helped me to see clearly about the rapture and Jesus coming before the tribulation." She then got into her car and went home. She immediately was excited to share with her husband what Pastor Ferr preached on. 

She ran into the house and into the study. But to her surprise Terry was not there and only a note. She opened it and read " Marie, I love you and the children. And it will be hard to be without you, but I have to do what God has called me to do. I will call and check on you and let you know where I am at. If you need me or decide to join me I will somehow get you here. I did not take anything. I left it all for you and the kids. Give them a hug and kiss for me. Please give everything in my study to Matthew. He will be a fine preacher one day. I only took what I was wearing and my bible. I love you, Marie and I am praying for you and the children. Love, Terry." Marie burst into tears and cried herself to sleep that night. 

Several weeks later, Pastor Ferr and Brother Kenny came to see Marie and the children. Marie shared the note with them. They were shocked and surprised that Terry had done this. "Well, Marie, this shows us what Terry was really about. He was not a Christian man at all to abandon you and the children like this. Don't you worry we will take care of you and the kids. And hey, Matthew is fixing to graduate to go to our College. We will pay for this as well. God has not forgotten nor forsaken you, only Terry has. Why don't you let us men take the boys to the game and you can go be with the ladies for a while. Get you out a bit?" "Alright," said Marie.